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Valentine Balloon Creations by Balloons Galore and More!

Valentine Balloon Creations!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking of those special people you would like to surprise. Tired of racking your brain to come up with unique ideas? Well, how about surprising them with a balloon arrangement, or a combination of balloons and candy. Listed below are various combinations of balloons you may select from with pictures and prices. The personal touch of balloons will certainly bring a smile to anyone's face!!

Kisses Airwalker and Happy Hugs Airwalker
19" Kisses Airwalker and 19" Happy Hugs Airwalker
surely will dance their way into your hearts. These airwalkers love to float everywhere just with the movement of your walking by. What a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life!
19" AirwalkersOnly ~ $9.00 Each

Me and You

The "Me and You" ~~ Only $25.00
The "Me and You" arrangement will certainly attract attention and win over that special person in your life! This whimsical arrangement starts out with a 29" Jumbo "Sing-a-Tune" foil balloon that plays "It Takes Two" when tapped for everyone to hear. Complimenting the bouquet are two foil Valentine Balloons along with four Valentine Latex balloons weighted with a delicious box of assorted candy for the "sweet tooth" in everyone!

Hot and Steamy

"Hot and Steamy" ~~ Only $25.00
"Hot and Steamy" is the perfect Valentine for that "Mc-Dreamy" person in your life! This "energized" arrangement starts out with a 36" Foil Latte Mug with two foil balloons with the messages "Hot Stuff" and "You're a Hottie" along with four fun assorted latex balloons along with assorted "mouth-watering" candy to complete the arrangement.

Your The One

The "Your The One" ~~ Only $25.00
"You're the One" is the perfect arrangement to serenade that special Valentine! The 29" Jumbo "Sing-a-Tune" foil balloon has a tiny microchip embedded into the balloon, which when tapped, will sing out "You're the One that I Love" for everyone to hear; what better way to express your true feelings toward that special person! Along with the "Sing-a-Tune" balloon are two coordinating Mylar balloons along with four brightly colored Latex balloons, all weighted down with some "scrumptious" candy.

Lip Smacker

The "Lip Smacker" ~~ Only $20.00
is a super bouquet featuring a fun selection of 18" Valentines balloons including
"P.S. I Love You",
Smooch Me, &
(for the man in your life) S.T.U.D..

Four coordinating latex balloons topped off with a 30" pair of "smacker lips!" accompany the bouquet.

The balloons are weighted with a box of candy filled to the brim. This is definitely the perfect gift for that special set of lips in your life!

Super Sweet Mugs and Kisses and A Whole Latte' Lovin

"Super Sweet Mugs and Kisses"
~~ Only $15.00
What a perfect way to win you Valentine over with an oversized mug with hugs and kisses all over it. Topping off the mug is a sensational bow with hugs and kisses and a 9" foil that will also carry that special theme. All around the bowl will be a luscious array of Valentine candy...a sure way to win you hugs and kisses!
("A Whole Latte' Lovin" is a variation of this arrangement with a large latte' mug with hearts around the mug instead of the oversized hugs and kisses mug.)

Love is Tweet

"Love is Tweet" ~~ Only $20.00
Tweety has always been a favorite in our hearts. This delightful bouquet comes complete with a full-size Tweety Foil balloon along with two"My Widdle Tweety" Foils and four brightly assorted latex Valentines balloons attached to an attractive box of candy for that special sweet tooth. What a wonderful way to say, "I love you" to that special
"Tweety" in your life!

I Love You Beary Much

"I Love You Beary Much" ~~ Only $20.00
will certainly be a favorite to those Teddy Bear lovers during Valentines Day. This stunning bouquet starts out with a giant 36" Mylar Teddy Bear on top with a bright assortment of four latex balloons and two coordinating 18" Mylar Teddy Bears, and to complete this wonderful display there will be a scrumptious bag of candy for that "sweet tooth"... a sure way to win the heart of that "beary" special Valentine of yours!

Let's Stay Connected

"Let's Stay Connected" ~~ Only $20.00
will make a lasting impression on your Valentine with this creative combination of a cell phone with brightly colored Valentine balloons. This arrangement starts out with a 32" Cell Phone with a "text message" of "U R 2 COOL" or "LUV U" along with two brightly colored Mylars and four coordinating latex balloons with a yummy bag of candy surely to sweeten that Valentine of yours! What a great way to stay in touch with that special Valentine!

Funky for Love

"Funky for Love" ~~ Only $25.00
is a stunning arrangement to share with that special Valentine! We have created a fun 36" latex balloon head, complete with eyes, nose, mouth and "curly hair" with hearts at the tips of the hair and finishing the display with a "collar" of Valentine balloons under the head, complete with coordinating ribbons! This arrangement is guaranteed to bring a smile to that special Valentine of yours!


Valentine Balloon Creations by Balloons Galore and More!
Happy Valentine's Day
from Balloons Galore... and More!

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"We Sell Smiles!"

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